I want to build an app, where user can share the video watching experience with the loved ones and can have the same fun and bonding while also practicing social distancing norms The app will consist of the following things – a. Entering a virtual private room b. The option of entering nickname c. About the page and experience d. Sharable link

What it does

VideoRoom will be a virtual room where users will join to watch video played by the admin. A VideoRoom can have a limited size i.e number of members. Real time chat and individual profile management. Other users can be invited via links, email or can join using unique code.

How I built it

Frontend: React Backend: Node , express Database: MongoDB

Challenges I ran into

Initial builds where really buggy and adding video meta data took a lot of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to finish the project in time.

What's next for Video Rooms!

Screen sharing feature , scheduling a VideoRoom and adding Google assistant would be a great.

Built With

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