The Retrieve platform was designed to allow enterprises to streamline communication and learning in an increasingly digital world. The platform gives enterprises the ability to: Easily deploy training content to a variety of end users on a range of devices and notify end users when new content is added -Provide assessment and certification on distributed content -Provide support to end users through a private/controlled communication channel

We see tremendous potential for an adaptable, user-focused information delivery platform in the healthcare industry. We provide on the go learning/support for Health Care Providers, EHR Software training for IT professionals and highly engaging patient-facing apps. Our modern, mobile-based platform has the flexibility to fill the communication and learning gaps left by archaic Learning Management Systems.

1- The product demonstration video below highlights how Retrieve Medical Center, a fictional health care organization, uses the Retrieve Platform to engage and educate their employees, partners, and patients. 2- After you have viewed the demonstration video please access the live “Retrieve Medical” digital library from the app stores. Feel free to explore the content (knowledge apps) in the library, and remember that each enterprise has the ability to customize their own library.

Mobile Credentials iOS Link https://i Android Link

Downloading instructions: To view your Retrieve Medical library on your phone, search and download “Retrieve Medical” from the “Apple App Store” or the “Google Play Store”. When you initially open the Retrieve Medical Center library app you will need to select “Already have an account” for iPhone “Sign in” for Android

Email: Password: retrieve234

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