Managing your MDG bookmarks is now so easy. Simply click the MDGTagger bookmarklet link when you want to tell the world about an MDG related website. You can even choose the exact target or indicator that the webpage applies to. As you choose the appropriate indicator tag, the latest World Bank global data for that indicator is displayed. Behind the scenes MDGTagger applies a hashtag to your bookmark, so its easy to find again. Like all good social networks, MDGTagger becomes even more useful when connecting to others. Locating MDG indicator data is  easy. And you can even find and connect with other MDGTaggers that are interested in the same topics as you. By bookmarking MDG resources with MDGTagger you are making Millennium Development Goal related material even more accessible and findable by a wider global audience, even across languages. This gives you a direct line to best practice and experience from around the world. Over 50 languages are supported.

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