The Team

Cherryl Espinoza, Producer/Project Management

Herman Fredlund, Lead Conceptualist/Director

Jens Kull, Conceptualist/360 Director of Photography

Dilan Shah, Programmer/Asset Finder

Masa Zokaei, Storyteller/Content Strategist


What it does

We started with wanting to tell a love story in a non-traditional way; through layers showing different states of a relationship that evoke different emotions in the user. We ended up with a new, reimagined tool of content creation, as a way to build more empathy; for people to relate to someone else’s experience.

How we built it

We knew we wanted to use 360 video and multi-dimensions of reality. We used Unity, Subtractive Rendering, HTC Vive, and Tilt Brush.

The User

Consumers of immersive entertainment.


First, we tested the concept on Unity with assets that one of the filmmakers had created previously. We ran into some challenges including a bug in Unity that had to do with 360 lighting, specifically the rendering process of the graphic card. Once we used an earlier version of Unity, it seemed like we had corrected the issue.

After ramping up some enthusiasm among our peers, we wanted to create our own 360 footage to tell a story with this new concept. This became full-fledged film production, where our team became a director, a producer, actors, sound engineers, and editors.

We then faced another challenge when we lost our project after reverting to an older version of Unity. We had to start again from scratch.

While we attempted to fix that issue in Unity, our editor stitched the 360 footage together and we looked for royalty-free music that would work well with our project.

We also came across the challenge of how to describe this new thing. Through talking with mentors, we also wanted to understand what it is that we created. We have created a multi-functional tool for 360 filmmakers to use in cinematic VR experiences.

What we learned

-Go with our instincts.

-The conceptual approach can be more important than the technical approach at times, to keep it organic.

-We had to keep track of the time stamps of scenes to make sure they were aligned in our final project.

-HP Backpack


-Using previous versions of a software can help to solve bugs

What's next for MD360

In regards to entertainment, adding a third abstract dimension, more representative of emotion.

Our project is scalable, and it can be used in the future for:

  • Couples in therapy and getting to understand each other in situations of conflict.

  • Climate change awareness and activism.

  • Professional environments- team building, diversity awareness and education.

  • Social and Economic issues: understanding the refugee crisis and immigration.

  • Accelerated spiritual growth in individuals.

Built With

  • adobe-premiere
  • garmin-360-camera
  • hp-backpack
  • htc-vive
  • mistika
  • mixed-reality
  • subtractive-rendering
  • tilt-brush-creator
  • unity
  • vr
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