McWay - I'll eat it McWay!

Turning McNuggets into Brazillian-style McNuggets Skew.
Cutting Signature Big Mac to create your very own McDonald's fine dining.
Making your own Apple McFlurry with Apple Pie and ice-cream.
Assembling Hamburger Crab with fries to celebrate beloved's birthday.

McDonald is not just a fast-food to fill-up your stomach. Having McDonald's as dinner can be FUN, FASHIONABLE and TRENDY. Make it even more ENJOYABLE by using and sharing creativity!

How does it works?

The McWay leaderboard

The leaderboard displays the most selected combination choices of customers. On the top of the leaderboard, customers can see how the other customers have their meal in a trendy way. It also provided a suggestion of customers what to have.

One stop ordering mechanism

After reading the leaderboard, customers can easily make their order in one click on the leaderboard. The order will be processed when they stepped into restaurant recognized by ibeacon.

It's simple.

User Experiences - LIKE A BOSS

How does it benefits to customers in term of user experience?

According to psychologist Barry Schwartz in Harvard Business Review [1], the more the choice, the less likely people choose the right thing. By using the leaderboard, the choice is somehow narrow down without notice which help customers to stay away from choice-phobia.

While using McWay to check how people eat their McDonald is fun, making an order according the leaderboard is simple and easy. People will be driven to buy McDonald.

Business Values - How can it boosts profit and improve company image

The psychological way - keeping up with fashion

"Have you ever try eating your ice-cream with coca-cola? This combination is a trend for now! Everyone in your friends cycle have already try it. What are you waiting for? "

"Hey! I have invented a new way of having McNugget. IT'S NOW ON THE TOP OF THE LEADERBOARD! "

Turn ordering McDonald to becomes trendy experiences would also becomes a peer incentive to join in. Which will eventually boost the profit.

Viral Marketing

In the 21st century information age. Normal marketing is no longer effective as the past. Everyone in this city is already flooded by loads of information. To stand out from the market, the only way is to generate viral-able information which judged by customers their own. "Re-engineering" McDonald's food into grand fine-dining or displayed in a very creative way have been proved a effective way to be a powerful marketing tool by recent wide-spreading related photos and videos as McDonald have been recognised as "average-quality fast-food" for long. By expending this idea, we provides a simple way for customers to order the same food, mirror the McDonald's fashion and spread the similar idea adding with their own ideas. Foreseeability creative ideas and photos can be a talking point in this city.


[1] More Isn’t Always Better (Barry Schwartz in Harvard Business Review) -

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