What Inspires You? We want to make a McDonalds Restaurant environment that will suit your own music taste.

Who is Your Target User? All music fans who come to McDonalds to enjoy their time with friends and family

What Key Feature are You Most Proud of? We enable proximity and gamification to our app. Also we create a music map of McD network, where you can see factual curious things about user's/clients endeavors in the music world. With this app we want to create a knowledge base about the McD products by introducing a very simple quest for stars. The quest will display factual facts about a mac product/history/trivia. You will answer to those facts by using a tinder-esque interface. With the stars you can make a request to be on the mcDonald radio/playlist playing in the restaurant and redeem products by generating a passbook id.

The ability to choose any song then put it on each McDonalds restaurant database playlist, and it can be played in the restaurant. You could exchange the stars to play the song right away. Users also can dedicate the song to their loved one and share it on facebook.

With the apps, McDonalds will be able to map the taste of music/genre in each different restaurant and could integrate the mapping into the music market to sell the records.

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