Flavor Pair

Pairing McCormick spices and recipes to your dish with just the snap of a camera.

You can look up an ingredient or dish and find suggested McCormick spices that you can add to it. Powered via the data provided by the McCormick API to search for recipes containing the item or variants of the dish.

Additionally, a picture of the item can be taken to automatically make the query for you, allowing for quick and easy access to suggested spices for food on your plate.


Source: https://github.com/Aenigma/mcspicy-backend

Hosted on IBM Bluemix using Node and express and integrated with IBM Cloudant to provide fast, full text, queries of the McCormick dataset using Cloudant's Lucene queries.

Provides a simple JSON web interface that formats data searched from Cloudant, queries Amazon Rekognition service, and stores uploaded images on Amazon S3.


Source: https://github.com/Aenigma/mcspicy

Uses Angular 4 and material design to provide a rich, mobile friendly, user interface to be able to seamlessly upload pictures and search for suggested seasonings.

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