The millennium cohort study was a longitudinal study of children born in the year 2000 - surveying them every three years and collecting huge amounts of data. This data is invaluable for researchers but is very difficult to use, with data spread over several datasets in outdated formats. We aimed to create an app to allow researchers to visualise and explore the datasets.

What it does

Our app allows variables to be selected from different data sets and it produces bar charts of each to allow comparison between variables at different ages. For example, we can compare emotional wellbeing scores at age 14 and 17.

How we built it

We used R studio to produce a shiny app

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was dealing with the real-world data. It was in a stata format which was difficult to convert into a useable format. Additionally, the variable names were different across data sets which made comparison difficult. One further problem was the sheer amount of data, which often made inefficent algorithms take far too long to run.

What's next for MCS Data analysis

We would like to extend this to allow more comparison - for example plotting two variables against each other, and also having a seperate tab showing some summary statistics.

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