It's no question that Nashville is saturated with culture. Often most of its gems are undiscovered, even by residents. We came across Nashville's Open Data and discovered information about public art and historical markers scattered around the town. However, this data is largely unaccessible by tourists and locals.

Therefore, we decided to create an app focused on tourism, which would help people plan a trip through Nashville using integrated data with Google Maps and Nashville's Open Data. Essentially, an adventurer will input their lodging location, and MCPLANR will display points of interests near by. The adventurer has the option to add a point to the itinerary. MCPLANR will then display places close to that chosen point, and so on. The app also informs an adventurer of the total travel time so he/she can pick the best method of transportation.

Technical Details

To aggregate the data, we threw the two of the Nashville public art datasets, and the historical marker dataset into MongoDB, and wrote a small NodeJS server to expose the data. The server can respond to client requests for attractions of a certain type within some radius of a given location. The code is written in JavaScript, but we used Facebook's Flow to reduce the number of insidious errors and accelerate development.

Our dynamic front-end is written in AngularJS. We used the SASS preprocessor to expedite the styling process and make our parallax landing page of the Nashville skyline a dream.

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