Nutrition and health have become a major concern in our society. McDonald's has a reputation to be unhealthy, which can put off the most worried customers. McPet helps you monitor your level of activity and advises you what to order at McDonald's, based on the nutritional information vs your physical activity. It shows that McDonalds has its place in a balanced diet.

But McPet is not just another calories calculator: it is a Tamagotchi-style application, in which you create and take care of a virtual pet. Except it is YOUR actual living style that is reflected on your pet's appearance. My image

A good way to free yourself from guilt and really enjoy your meal !

The app also increases customer engagement and helps creating a special relationship between the brand and the customers. It challenges you to carry out physical activity, visit restaurants or buy special products.

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When you complete a challenge, you are rewarded by a stamp and new accessories for your pet are unlocked.

Other features include sharing your activity within the app on social networks, interacting and competing against others. But you can also simply invite your friends to meet in a restaurant and relax in their company.

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