We want to lower the amount of stress-induced deaths of firefighters.

What it does

It tracks the heart rate, temperature and location of the firefighters and it sends the information to a server that tracks the information and makes an alert to the chief, hospital and relevant personnel once something goes wrong with the data.

How we built it

We build a website interface with php and mongodb that stores and dynamically changes the data. We made an arduino and python scripts that read the data from the sensors and feeds it to the mongodb database.

Challenges we ran into

We did not know how to dynamically alter a website and we are currently trying to make it work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website is done and we can send information from the sensors to the python.

What we learned

That StackOverflow is beautiful.

What's next for MCMIT 2017 Hackathon

Going to MCMIT 2018.

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