I saw that in my high school there were many places to acquire information such as Canvas, PowerSchool, school website, different social media accounts, and emails. Often, my classmates would forget to check one of these places for the most up-to-date information.

What it does

My app provides a centralized location where students can see the important events that are being hosted in the school. Using my app, called "MCHS Events" students will be able to view all of the events that have been entered by a school administrator, in a day view and a week view.

How I built it

I built an admin website using, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP using the Cloud 9 platform. This website is where the school administrator enters in events that will be displayed in the app. It stores all of the events on the cloud. The iPhone app, written in the Swift language, then retrieves those events and displays them on the iPhone for the users, in either the day or week view.

Challenges I ran into

My hardest challenge was that I had to learn a new computer language, PHP, to make the backend of the software system work. Publishing the app on the Apple app store was also something new that I learned which required several new and interesting skills different from programming. I was surprised that Apple does not allow minors to publish an app so I had to ask my dad (Amit Sharma) to create an Apple Developer account for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One accomplishment that I’m proud of is the Office of Naval Research Award from US Navy that I received in the Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair in the Computer Science category for this app.

What I learned

While working on this project, not only did I learn a new programming language but I also learned how to publish an app for the first time on Apple app store which included doing new things for the first time like creating marketing and support web pages, writing the privacy policy, terms and conditions of use. Additionally, I have learned how to work on a wider scale as I have deployed it for our school. This required me to work closely with school administration for their authorization to use school name and logo, obtain their approval to deployment and coordinate the announcement of the release of the app within the school community.

What's next for MCHS Events

The next step for my project is to develop an app for Android. Although the majority of the users in my school do use iPhones, I would also like to develop for the Android platform so that I am able to share my app with more students. I would also like to add subscriptions to the app by which the users will be able to customize their app to see only the categories of events they are interested in. For example, I can subscribe to the tennis team events as I play on the school’s varsity team but I can turn off badminton team related events. Additionally, this software system can be marketed and deployed in other schools as well.

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