We thought about what we missed most at the start of the pandemic and came up with one simple answer — travelling! Be it for one day or five, going out on a trip somewhere is a luxury we had taken for granted. However as the severity of the pandemic lessens, we can start looking forward to travelling again (while exercising caution of course!).

What it does

All you need to do is enter the city or country you will be travelling to in the next few days, and our app will use a weather report to recommend what outfits you may want to take along with you!

How we built it

We used Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and Javascript for the front-end of our Full Stack responsive application and the OpenWeatherMap API to generate the weather report (temperature, feel, conditions) for the next 5 days. Then we took an heuristic approach based on the average temperature and conditions to come up with possible outfits! We used Heroku for hosting.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we decided to use Machine Learning to predict the clothes based on temperatures, but we couldn't find any dataset to make a model. Moreover, none of us had much experience with web development and this was our first time using an API! Since there is also a lot of UI elements in our app, we had a tough time figuring out the front-end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built our first functional website in just under a day and our website is fully responsive too! We made use of an API to do something pretty unique!

What we learned

We learned in some instances -- as in ours -- heuristic methods are more convenient than machine learning algorithms. Although we could have relied on ML, we found that a heuristic approach provided a more elegant solution to our problem.

What's next for What2Wear?

We plan on using more API's to suggest music, places to visit, food to eat based on location and also flight and hotel prices! We might have to call it TripAdvisor 2.0!

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