Finding apartment housing after your first year at McGill can be a total headache. Information about apartments online is sparse, and strategies for subletting your apartment usually amount to a Facebook post. We wanted to make it easier for students to find and sublet apartments.

What it does

HoodHunters gives an interactive map of the McGill Student Ghetto with listings for apartments. You can browse reviews, and write your own.

How I built it

We used the open source mapbox tools and html.

Challenges I ran into

We started this project this with little to no experience in HTML, and so everything was essentially one big learning curve. We initially had a lot of trouble getting the mapbox toolkit to work for what we wanted to do, and the majority of our time ended up being dedicated to figuring it out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the coordinate popups to work was tricky, and we were really happy when we figured it out.

What I learned

How to use the mapbox toolkit and basic HTML, and how to use our CS accounts to host things.

What's next for HoodHunters

We likely won't be pursuing this project, but the HoodHunters team will definitely be back for more hackathons!

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