The Vision

Nowadays, a lot of universities, including McGill, have facebook groups aimed at exchange and sale of second hand goods from student-to-student.

Our vision was to create a mobile e-commerce platform that streamline this process, making it easy to bid, add, and connect sellers / buyers, alongside a 'Best-Offer' system to allow for some form of pseudo-auction.

We also, similarly to Uber, only display a buyer's rating when they make an offer, but not their identity. We wait until a seller confirms a potential buyer as the 'Confirmed option' to connect both parties, through their mobile phones (there's a direct link to calling each other in their respective sections of the app). Upon success completion of a purchase or exchange, both parties are asked to rank each other based on their experience, to be displayed when they sell or buy other goods on the platform.

The App

Fully coded using Angular 2, and the Ionic 2 (beta) framework has allowed us to create native applications which run on iOS and Android, and are even able to use hardware functionalities (i.e. taking pictures in-app).

This has also allowed us to design a beautiful looking app which adheres to both Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and Google's Material design (respectively), with a maximum of code cohesion (around 95% of the code is shared amongst both platforms).

We opted to use FireBase as a BaaS for this app, due to its extensive JS API and ability to create two-way 'live' data-binding between the app and the backend, making this app essentially a real-time marketplace.

The Future

Things we wish we had time to do:

  1. Implement Smooch API to collect Seller and Buyer data before connecting them through a live chat system.
  2. Add some form of e-payment system (would be particularity useful for event tickets)
  3. Finish implementing the user rating system.

Built With

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