Inspired by the sucky social life of students in McGill!

What it does:

Meggie take care of you ! Basically, you get a virtual social life (barely) so Concordia students won't have a chance to post memes about how lonely is McGill, cool right ?

How I built it:

Android, NLU, Naunce Mix and so many other random sh*ts !

Challenges I ran into:

Trying to capture the cheerful Meggie in an App!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Meggie loves everyone including herself!

What I learned:

NLU is messy and hard to control, Android Dev need time, I need to bring a pillow next time!

What's next for Meggie:

Future Goals: 1) The app becomes the official virtual recruiter for McGill! 2) Work on the front-end to make the app more user-friendly and add some animations (these take a lot of time) 3) Become the personal assistant for students for other universities too! 4) Meggie get an undergrad degree in communication!

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