Whats the years most shared event on social media this year? There could be a few names, but ALS challenge definitely tops the list. The magic of challenging your friends and colleagues definitely gets people engaged. We are bringing you the McChallenge for today`s technology savvy young generation.

We are using two elements of social engagement to offer a new platform for McDonalds to engage with their current audience. We are offering people to take challenges in the form of games, quizzes to win various McGoodies. People will be able to invite friends (using Facebook SDKs) and challenge them to win prizes. The McChallenge app will bring a seamless user interface and a social sharing gaming platform for the audience to have a new way to communicate with McDonalds.

The user interface is designed based on projecting McDonalds as the next generation dining experience which is portraying McDonalds commitment to quality dining experience. The social platform app gives MC Ds ability to keep the customers engaged, challenged and entertained. The sharing element will offer a key factor for social marketing and McDs can share their daily offers, special promotions through the app.

The app activates on iBecon and user will be able to see the challenges once they are inside the MCDonals. The user can answer quizes, share them with friends and win various prizes for their participation.

The App enables a user to also place an order to various Mcdonalds meal and make a payment using user phone. A user can place meal order for themselve for the meal to be delivered to them or they could just place a meal order for someone else to pickup at a predetermined branch of Mcdonalds closes to the recipient.

When a user of the app finally pay a visit to a branch of Mcdonalds restaurant, the app facilitate an enhance restaurant experience with its wireless communication with sensors and infrastructures deployed in all branches of the restaurant.

Through this app, a user will be able to interact with sensors in Mcdonalds restaurants, some of this sensor could indicate an invitation to social engagement with other customer with the same app located inside the same restaurant.

Some of the social engage is a quiz for different period of time and special meal service in th e restaurant.

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