We've all experienced long wait times for drinks at the bar/club. There always seems to be a bottleneck due to the disproportionate ratio of understaffed bartenders to thirsty bar-goers. We wanted to create a practical but fun way to tackle this problem.

What it does

McBrews is a bar concept which allows users to browse the drink menu and place their order(s) right through their mobile devices. Bartenders receive the order, prepare the drinks and place completed orders on specific trolleys from a trolley system on the bar top. Users will receive a text notification when their drink is ready, and will tap their phones on the terminal with NFC technology by the bar to release their order. Their drinks are then instantly delivered to a pickup point beside the terminal by the trolley. This system reduces payment friction, creates an interactive experience for users, and allows bartenders to focus on both quality and service by reducing their responsibilities.

How we built it

We created a mockup of the mobile app interface and plotted the customer journey with Figma. We then used React Native for our front end.

We created the backend with Express and Firebase. We used the Twilio API for text notifications and the Interac API for payment.

We used an Arduino Uno, a SparkFun Inventors Kit for RedBot and an RFID/NFC chip to create the terminal and trolley system.

Built With

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