Every year, 8 to 10 million Muslims gather at Mecca to perform pilgrimage (Hajj and Umrah), and about 74% are from foreign countries. Those pilgrims face numerous problems including getting fraud, difficulty buying their needs, and save their cash within a value of his currency.

A large part of the financial administration concern is caused by people who search for a finance solution services on their visit time only. Existing exchange money shops helped, but put a huge peak load pressure on their-self and market including money rules infrastructure. It is also observed that the large proportion of pilgrims use an illegal method by their dealing with black-market and Illegal cash money.

Given a large number of foreign pilgrims with different currencies, improving hajj management and revive the economy of the pilgrimage season requires are pilgrims could financial management themselves and full FineTech infrastructure.

What it does

MCard system is a smart exchange money machine linked with a quick credit card for pilgrims and mobile-app solutions that keep user updates with his performances usage. Financial Hajj economy that reduces the chances of pilgrims getting deceive on the market and provides other essential conveniences along their journey, safe, secure, and easy.

It features:

pending exchange money smart machine customized Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module for proximity tracking Near-field Communication (NFC) technology for instant payment and privacy-protected identification Operator dashboard for real-time insights It allows integrating with MADA and partners on market exchange companies and API techs with global currency market update. Additionally, it can be used as integrate with Hajj band as a payment method, and foreign pilgrims can set a limit on their daily spending. They can also easily top-up the credit with their guides when needed, and refund their balance when they back to airports.

Challenges we ran into

Make the trust between the pilgrims and our system

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Helping the pilgrims is the important accomplishments

What we learned

Teamwork, communication skills technicals skills

What's next for MCard

We make our project real with atm machine

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