The inspiration came from the project as someone showed me one day how you can use Arduinos to create interesting things, such as integrating Arduinos with Minecraft. I explored the topic more and just came up with the idea.

What it does

MC Home Security aims to provide protection and security in the video game Minecraft. The receives information from the game with a plugin and sends a message to the Arduino where the microcontroller has 4 LEDs and one buzzer, creating a very alarming effect and noise. The information that the Arduino receives something in a message is stored in log files. If the files are modified, which means when a new log is added, the python script sends a message using Twilio.

How we built it

I built MC Home Security using several tools in my hand; firstly, I used a mod that I modified and an Arduino with the alarm. In addition I used python with the Twilio API. Firstly the mod we used to communicate with the Arduino via Minecraft is MCreator Link. The problem with this was that I could not log the information, so I had to configure the mod to post logs into a text file after a message was sent to the Arduino. The logs were necessary as they showed when a trap was triggered, as well as being important for the Twilio part, as we used a python script to check if the logs had been modified, and if they were, it would send a message to your phone using the API.

Challenges we ran into

I ran into several challenges at the beginning and the middle point. In the beginning, I had trouble setting up the Minecraft mod as several things were not working, but they were fixed later. Another problem I encountered during the middle point of the hackathon where I had no sufficient way to tell my python script that the tripwire was triggered. I was not sure how a Minecraft mod was structured as well. I did not know how to use the language they were written in, which was java. I spent some time understanding the java basics and tried to understand what was happening in certain parts of the Minecraft mod's source code. Another challenge I ran into was not getting distracted by playing Minecraft :).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of my accomplishments that I was able to make during this hackathon. These were to understand a language and solve the problems I thought were impossible to solve initially.

What we learned

During this hackathon, I learned a lot. The main thing that I learned was a bit java programming. I learned its structure and how to use it in some instances, such as Minecraft mods, and I understood and learned how to compile java with gradle.

What's next for MC Home Security

  • A more minimal look
  • A button that lets you turn off the security system
  • More components to create a more alarming effect

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