Inspiration - Many texts that are sent while drunk are then regretted in the morning when the person sobers up.

What it does - If the ratio of deleted characters to total words in a text is too high, a prompt will appear and the user must then tap 10 circles that appear randomly on the screen within 1 second of appearing. If they mess up, their keyboard is then locked for 10 minutes.

How we built it - We used Android Studio and lots of YouTube tutorial videos to almost get this project working

Challenges we ran into - Nobody in our group has worked with Android before, and most members were also new to programming as well. Lack of sleep did not help either.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - It's a great idea with fantastic real world applications.

What we learned - When going to a hackathon, come prepared with an idea and a thought of how to solve that idea already so you don't waste time coming up with dead end solutions and don't finish by the deadline.

What's next for MC Hammered - Finish the app.

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