Who are we?

We are four students from the same school. We didn't really know each other before this event. During the first phase of the event, many persons told us their project and ideas but none was right on our point of view. So we decided to invent our own idea.

In this event we had to come up with an idea that would give the customer a good restaurant experience. For us, the solution had to bring challenge, pleasure and passion to the customers, in other words we had to bring them fun. This is when we got the idea of Mc Engine.

What is Mc Engine?

We wanted to use simple technology to build a simple project so it is intuitive for the customer. The four of us then realized we had to promote interactivity between customers and we would do it with multiplayer mini-games by making them compete between each other.

How does it work?

The system is very simple, a token is displayed on a screen in the McDonald restaurant. This token will allow anyone who enters it in the application to join the current gaming session. On the screen there also is the Leader-board that shows the ranking of everybody playing the gaming session. You can find it here: http://mcengine.herokuapp.com/ On the client side you have a basic application in which you enter the token and then login with a facebook account so you can share your score and challenge your friends. You can find an early version of the app here: http://mcengine.herokuapp.com/customer

Anyone can use this application, the games are not based on any specific culture nor language. Thus, the application can be started from any OS based computer or Smartphone. We are really proud of how simple and accessible to everyone we managed to develop this app.

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