We wanted to solve a problem of urbanization during a hackathon and we proposed to put Qr Code to the palce of street numbers.

What it does

After that we have matured the idea by proposing geolocation by QR Code dynamic.

"Getting the Most Out of QR Codes Using URI Schemes

The Idea: Using URI Schemes

Since browsers can already launch default email clients via a simple mailto URL (browsers have supported URI schemes like these for years), could the same technique be used to offer in-app functionality for other products that have non-native URI schemes and that a QR reader wouldn’t support by default?

The answer is yes!

If the application supported the scheme, and if the user had the app the QR represented installed, it would work beautifully — and it wouldn’t matter which QR-code-reader was used.”

How we built it

We built it by creating a chatbot messenger and a WordPress website on heroku

Challenges we ran into

put a form in a messenger bot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Generate a dynamic code qr that presents the elements of an entry in a formualire on a messenegr chatbo menu

What we learned

Create a chatbot messenger on heroku and create a wordpress website on heroku. Using Mysql database and platforms like Github and developpers facebook API

What's next for MBYAN

An application is in development to be able to use it offline.

Use this location system in Google Maps, Uber and e-commerce sites for product shipments

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