As in the first talk of the hackathon, I am inspired by the term "innovation," satisfying from the customer's point of view, and I also heard that sometime, children can be a great source of inspiration. So I want to create a a little bit fun projects for our children to play, along with the fact that I want to develop children's strategical thinking.

What it does

There are two players in the game. Each player controls an mBot by an infrared controller. Each mBot has its own point system, and one earn points by crashing to the other by the front of the his or her mBot. Or one can earn point by collecting black dot on the ground, this mean you have to move your top of the car over the black dot, so the line follower sensor can detect the black. And as the point goes up, the sound will be more frequent, and when one acheive the maximum of the point, the led light will turn green and his or her mBot will celebrate by playing a winning melody that I have put into it.

How I built it

My embedded system on the car involve the active use of sensors (line following, ultrasonic, and infrared) and devices (led, sound, and motor). It also optimizes the use of mathematics with the appearance of sigmoid function. And I compiled the project using Arduino C programming language with the help of makeblock platform.

Challenges I ran into

I have no knowledge about mBot or makeblock before, this is the first time I come here and work with the mBot. I hardly even master the Arduino C programming language. However, I like to try new things, to explore stuff so I choose to work with the mBot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to deploy my model and embed my own written system on the mBot, making it behave the way I want. I am also able to optimize the uses of most of the sensors on the mBot.

What I learned

I learn a lot about hardware, how electronics work. I did a lot of research on programming the embedded system, and I would love to study about hardware in the future.

What's next for mBot Crasher Arcade

Furthermore, the last rule of the game, we are not allowed to see the car, we are just allowed to see the front view of the car by viewing the camera from the car. For the restriction of the lack of hardware, the process of development is actually not done yet. That would be the process for the future

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