Introducing Mazi, a mobile app to gamify the quarantine! Earn rewards by performing tasks at home. Self-quarantine with an incentive!


During this pandemic, we all have a crucial responsibility of staying inside. One of the most powerful tools we have to fight off COVID-19 is to quarantine to reduce the spread of the virus. Although healthcare officials have repeatedly urged individuals to do so, not everyone seems to be fully following it- whether that be because of boredom, “half-quarantine,” or it is difficult to do so.

A recent question arose: why are people not staying inside, and how can we change this? Our app, Mazi, promotes living a healthy lifestyle during this difficult time, staying inside to help decrease the spread of COVID-19, supporting local businesses with a reward system, and most importantly, working together as a community to get through this. Mazi means “Together” in Greek, which is fitting for our current global situation: to get through anything as a community, whether it is COVID-19 or not, we all have to work together as a team by trying to be our best selves, being mindful of the health and safety of others, and supporting both the ups and downs of those around us.

What it Does

Mazi is a user-friendly mobile application that encourages people to move their bodies daily, care about their wellness, practice social distancing by staying at home, and support local businesses- now and always.

Within Mazi, there are four categories users can choose from: local businesses, wellness, fitness, and quarantine. Each category consists of a few tasks regarding that chosen theme.

By completing various tasks, the user gains various amounts of points that can be redeemed for rewards given by online and in-store retailers and restaurants that correspond to their respective app categories in order to better promote that function.

In addition to utilizing the support of our larger companies, we are also looking to support the businesses that are dear to our local communities by marketing for these companies within the app and even giving back to those businesses.

During this time, an important aspect of Mazi is the quarantine category. The quarantine screen provides two functions: a timer that incentivizes users to stay in their homes during COVID-19.

Mazi provides a representation of hope as well as a clear picture of how the small acts that everyone does, together, can have a tremendous impact on creating a healthy, safe, and thriving community.

How We Built It

The app was built with React Native & Expo and designed with Figma. We also planned to integrate Firebase and Google Cloud.

Challenges We Ran Into

The workload was incredibly challenging since we only had one technical team member (Ryan), but we're glad we managed to finish the app in time!


Developed by Ryan Lee.

Designed by Tyler Amano-Smerling.

Writing and Idea by Casey Duan.

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