We were inspired by the randomness of the project idea where the mazes that are generated are constantly new.

What it does

This minigame basically consists of a square player who is trying to run away from the computer controlled enemy square. The computer moves towards the square player using the A* algorithm.

How I built it

We used mainly javascript and HTML canvas as the rendering engine.

Challenges I ran into

Originally, we were going to create a 3D version of the game with the Oculus Rift for "increased" immersiveness but we realized that it was incredibly difficult to set up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud that we managed to create a "minimum" viable product in our first hackathon.

What I learned

It's useful to prepare software and large data components beforehand as the internet is incredibly slow.

What's next for Maze Runner

Better UI elements, smoother gameplay, endless mazes.

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