From looking at the bot in the hardware table, I know I can do something with it. But the robot is not meant to be customized, and it has really limited sensor: one ultrasonic sensor and one light sensor upfront, so I was asking myself, "what can a robot possibly do with this few resources," when the robot reminded me about the Curiosity rover on Mars, and the ISS with failed gyroscopes earlier this year. I was determined to do something cool without using to many resources

What it does

It can solve mazes in any size and and difficulties

How I built it

The bot is actually not customizable, and I was thinking about the best algorithm for it.

Challenges I ran into

How can the robot differentiate between dead-ends (it should remember dead-ends but the memory will be overflowed with difficult mazes) and real way out

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I use recursion without memorization (to minimize the memory needed) and still can guide the robot to the right way with minimum time

What I learned

I learned the way to make an effective recursive algorithm without memorization

What's next for Maze Runner

I will create more algorithms for different terrains and better precision; I will also try to tackle similar problems with minimum resources

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