Our passion for games and our boredom during quarantine led to our idea to produce this game.

What it does

Maze Quest 2 is a fully functional and interactive puzzle game experience, with 5 levels showcasing different game components and functions.

How we built it

We began in java, but switched to python after realizing that using a python GUI is much more intuitive. We coded the movement of the ball to be controlled by the players, and then coded the obstacles, walls, and goals afterward.

Challenges we ran into

While trying to code moving obstacles, the loop that we were using often crashed the game, and thus we had to find a way around this issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully created randomly moving enemies, as well as an entire level with different mechanics, called the "ice" level, in which the ball slides around instead of moving one block at a time.

What we learned

We learned that in order to overcome challenges and issues with our code, it was often helpful to find a different perspective, or a different way around the problem, rather than trying to plow through it.

What's next for Maze Quest 2

We will continue to develop levels and level design, to create more intricate obstacles and such.

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