We Wanted to see the stars! and Explore! The game is a basic maze format, but also you can explore. Once you reach the end, you win the game and can replay.

It can be ran in third person and it is designed for Oculus. By using the Oculus there is so much more to see, look up!

We built it using Unity and C# scripts. We are have it working for Oculus.

The challenges I ran into were learning Unity as I was using it. Also getting 3d objects do exactly what I wanted them to do. Using the scripting to move around an object tended to be a little harder then I thought.

I'm Proud it looks good and works. I'm also glad I was able to work with another person in getting this project working.

I learned the basics of Unity and now can do bigger and better programs ! I also learned a few more scripts in C#.

I hope to someday add more to Maze In The Stars. I would like to make more levels and more space related stuff.

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