I have found about matter js library and wanted to try it by building a canvas style game.

What it does

Guide the ball through the maze until you reach the green square. Each level gets progressively harder and each round's score is computed by the time left in the timer X the round #. User can control the ball with these keys and arrows:

  • to go 'up' -> W key or up arrow
  • to go 'down' -> S key or down arrow
  • to go 'right' -> D key or right arrow
  • to go 'left' -> A key or left arrow

How I built it

I have used local storage to store user's game information, matterjs to create the game, firebase for hosting and the domain name from

Challenges I ran into

It is hard to create the grid of the game, and how to finish the game when the ball and rectangle collides.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I have finished the project on time, and the game is not so easy, and it is working very well.

What I learned

I have learned different game terminology and how to think about physics and geometrical shapes while creating the game.

What's next for Maze Game

The app can have different features like playing with others.

Built With

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