We are always looking for a game that is challenging but we don't like it when the game is too difficult and makes us feel like we are unintelligent. In response to this strange human behavior, we thought to make a puzzle that would suit itself to the player's skill level, while also being able to teach the player a thing or two about coding.

What it does

The app uses a custom built AR engine that renders the maze upon common household items, further allowing the app to integrate itself into the real world. It uses an AI to determine the skill level of the player based on details it learns from the player's gameplay. We also added certain features from Cisco's APIs to speed up gameplay if the need arises. The player moves throughout the maze by using code blocks and must reach the end by such means.

How we built it

The app is built for the iOS platform and is coded in Swift. It uses Google Vision, the Cisco API, and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

At first, there was an issue with retrieving the API key for the Google Vision API because it required a credit card number. However, we spent a lot of time and were able to eventually solve it. Problems keep popping up still but we plan to fix them.

There were also other issues with the domain that we had a 1 year free trial for but yet was asking for a credit card number. Also, many members of our team had never done web design before, but with the help of an editor named Brackets, it was made relatively easy. One last challenge we had again with the domain name was that although we were following the directions, for some reason the correct HTML file was not being displayed on the domain. We asked an officer and they were able to solve it and helped us understand exactly why it didn't work.

Lastly, there were problems with acquiring a 3D image for the maze that Xcode would accept. Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We learned that although something may seem challenging at a first glance, there is a lot of information online and around you (in the form of teammates, mentors, and flyers) that can help you solve your problems. And all that you need to do to acquire this help is to ask nicely.

What's next for Maze ARAI

First, we want to finish the website for our application, because it had certain errors while being published. We would also like to publish our app to the App Store so others can enjoy the app and hopefully learn something new while enjoying the challenging (but not too challenging) puzzles we have procedurally generated.

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