I have always had very little orientation and attention span and the mazes help to solve this problem. I wanted to make this game to help other people, but adapting it to augmented reality. As for aesthetics, I was inspired by the early 90s retro games such as Doom (1993), Catacomb-3D (1991), Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold (1993) in which you totally immersed yourself in the first person on stage.

What it does

The game consists of a labyrinth in which you will have to enter, to do this placed on a fairly large flat surface and set it to your size, then tap on the door and you will be able to enter. At the entrance you will find a double screen click on it and you will discover the object you have to search for. Go around the maze until you find this object. Click on it to find out which one is correct. This game helps develop attention, concentration because you will have to remember where you have already gone so as not to return to the same place. It also benefits to develop spatial perception and orientation. You can play alone or with friends with a device, so it will be more fun!

How I built it

Build it with Spark AR, I wanted to show the possibilities of this program without having to program and add java. Everything is done using the patch editor. I made 3d objects with Cinema 4D.

Challenges I ran into

into I ran into problems so you could move through the maze in a fluid way. Also with the size of the file, that's why I decided to do it all with polygonal shapes and not add textures, just play with light and colors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of having no programming knowledge having managed to make a game by myself, for use by all audiences, and that helps develop the skills of other people. Also to be able to adapt traditional games to new technologies such as augmented reality.

What I learned

I learned to carry out a great project adapted to already written rules such as those of instagram.

What's next for Maze AR

I would like to add new mazes and new challenges like finding the objects in a limited time.

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