We wanted to come and learn how to do game programming and design a simple game. We participated in this hackathon with no knowledge on this subject matter. However, we were willing to discover and learn more in this aspect.

What it does

It is a maze that is created with tiles designed by our team. It is a progressive game whereby each time the character completes the maze, he/she will advance to the next level with a harder maze.

How I built it

It is built with JAVA from scratch. We wanted to understand and explore the details of game programming and development, extending to character and level designs. We researched extensively to discover ways to make the them more aesthetically pleasing.

Challenges I ran into

Changing file names resulted in Class error which corrupted our file. We were not aware that wrong packages will result in errors which causes Class error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a game with no prior knowledge before this hackathon. We took the extra step to design our own animated characters and tiles.

What I learned

We gained tremendous amount of experience from this hackathon. The exposure was good and the environment was suitable for productive programming. Through this hackathon, it sparked our interest towards game design and we are excited to learn more about game development.

What's next for MAZE

There will be more levels that can be included in the future. Monsters or AIs can also be included to enhance the interaction between the users and the game.

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