To create something that is simultaneously fun, demonstrates advanced software and networking techniques, and is a proof of concept for a potentially more advanced future project. The idea was that many of us have been to a party and there were not enough controllers for everyone to enjoy the game. So our solution was to use the phones as controllers themselves, cause everyone has a phone these days! We, the DHs, proudly present to you Mayhem Taxi Racing!

What it does

Mayhem Taxi Racing is played by connecting computers to a central server, and then to mobile phones to use as controllers. Each player can control a car from their phone and watch it respond on the screen. If you have need any more questions press the toggle icon on the top right corner of your controller! Maneuver and weave your way through traffic and be the last one standing!

How we built it

We used Java and Android Studio to set up an app that has interactive buttons to communicate in real time and set up a TCP socket connection with the web page and send data when buttons are pressed. The website was developed using JavaScript, and involves the application of the game mechanics and receives messages sent by the Android app to control the Taxi on the screen. All of the artwork was originally created with GIMP software.

Challenges we ran into

  • Responsive feedback between phone and computer
  • Implementing different functionalities into the app such as sound effects or instruction dialogs
  • Consistently requesting/responding data between servers and clients
  • Incorporating animations and game physics
  • Node.js and web page sockets and implementation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a very responsive multiplayer platform with our own images into the game and managed to apply them into the game successfully. We managed to correctly implement the moving taxi on the road without experiencing too much delay.

What we learned

  • Important networking fundamentals, TCP & HTTP server request and response to web clients
  • Sending data via Android sockets
  • Cross-functional UX/UI interface between web and mobile
  • Teamwork!

What's next for Mayhem Taxi Racing

We hope to be able to implement more games into the system similar to Mayhem Taxi Racing and be able to incorporate the system to support iPhones as well.

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