This is MAYDAY, a web application that allows for the hosts of online hackathons to communicate and help the attendees.


The inspiration for this project came from the current COVID-19 epidemic. Because most hackathons were moved online, many hackathon-related workshops and events lost their sense of interactivity. To combat this problem, this chat application provides a live hackathon support service that allows the workshop hosts to better communicate with and help their audience

What I've Learned

While creating this project, I've learned many vital skills necessary for web development. This includes streamlining the deployment process and ensuring that the application performs well after deployment

How it was made

The technology used for this project consisted of Node JS, ExpressJS,, HTML, and CSS. I began with the backend, and created a NodeJS server to handle HTTP and Websocket connections and requests. After setting up the backend, I moved to the frontend, where I implemented the client-side Websocket mechanics and the UI


During the creation process, I faced some challenges. The largest of these hurdles was the architecture of the backend. I needed to find an efficient way to handle and sort new users while keeping the integrity of the Socket implementation as bug-free as possible

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