We have worked with AR in a previous hackathon and were very excited when we saw the Vuzix Blade. Knowing what foods you can eat when you have allergies can be a struggle, and we figured we could leverage the Wegmans API with the Vuzix Blade to help alleviate these issues.

What it does

This is an Android app that can run on the Vuzix Blade or an Android phone. Using the built in camera, the user can scan a products barcode and see what allergens are in the food.

How I built it

Android Studio Wegmans API Apache API Vuzix API

Challenges I ran into

The Vuzix Blade runs on Android SDK 22 (Lolipop 5.1) and the support for the Apache HTTP ended with SDK 22 with a very messy breakup. This resulted in lots of headaches mixing different snippits of legacy code to allow us to make requests to the Wegmans API.

The other main challenge we faced was the fact the the Wegmans API allergen list returns an empty array for all products. This is a error that Wegmans' can't control so we decided that we could instead parse through their convenient ingredient list, and make our own "database" of ingredients that correlate to allergies.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully learning how to build Android Apps, connect to the Wegmans API, working with legacy code, and finally incorporating AR into our project.

What I learned

Backwards compatibility is king! Android Studio Development HTTP Protocol

What's next for MayContain - Wegmans x Blade

Implement a cleaner interface on the Vuzix Blade. Find some external source for our ingredient "database" Learn Android specific HTTP handlers to fix issues with Apache

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