My primary inspiration was from a trading course I have taken about a month ago. The teacher has presented various highly objective technical analysis techniques. As those techniques are highly objective, I have the urge to try translating some of the techniques to code. Right now, my algorithm has an effective and working entrance strategy.

What it does

This is an algorithm that determines a fixed trend somewhere along the, such as an artificial price floor or ceiling . This algorithm does not make any assumption about future. When the algorithm finds that the price is about to break the floor / ceiling (by recognizing patterns in opening prices, closing prices, high and low etc.), it will make a long / short transaction to try obtaining a profit.

The algorithm is demonstrated by running simulations on provided datasets. (stock price from 20 years ago)

How I built it

I built it in clojure, as it is easy to reason about the algorithm in a functional manner.

I have used a web app, written in javascript+clojure, to present most of the data.

What I learned

I have learnt that functional programming is great and also got the opportunity to get my hands dirty with a little of web development using clojure.

What's next for MaybeStocks

Refining the algorithm (to reduce false negatives), use proper stop loss and exit strategies to reduce loss and realize profits.

What's with the name MaybeStocks ?

Stocks should be apparent (i.e., trading stocks). Maybe is inspired from the "Maybe" type construct in Haskell.

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