Fall break at my school(Purdue - West Lafayette)

What it does

Piano app but the user can change octaves (-1 to +1) and add background beat. Supports dark mode.

Features that will be added in the future

  • let users record and access to the audio file.
  • adding Ads.

How I built it

Android Studio

Challenges I ran into

Basically implementing every single feature this app has right now.

Most difficult challenges: building layouts and understanding a lot of .java files and .xml files linked together

One memorable non-technical challenge I faced was recording every single piano key and trimming it to fit within 0.3-0.5 seconds for each key.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I successfully created the app I was thinking of when I started. Finished all of it by myself by watching hours of tutorials on Youtube.

What I learned

A lot of technical lessons for Android Studio

  • coding xml files, layouts, views, OnClickListener, OnTouchListner, MediaPlayer..etc

What's next for Maybe Piano

  • Implementing recoding feature

Built With

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