Nicole Loves Motorcycles; she even owns two!

How it works

Our project has 3 components

Web App - It [aims to] allow users to post new parking spots and claim posted parking spots.

Mobile App & Pebble Watch - The mobile app sends directions to the pebble watch so the driver can have navigation as they ride.

Companion Riding - A communication module allows two riders to follow each other and for the driver at the rear to communicate with the driver in front.

Challenges we ran into

Learning to create an Android app. Learning to program on the Pebble watch on top of that! Learning to create with LittleBits.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mobile App Directions fetching

What we learned

Android Development Pebble Watch Development Teamwork Collaboration Coordination Pair Programming Task Management Version Control

What's next for Maybe Motorcycles

Well, Motorcycling is always an option. So - Maybe Motorcycles.

Built With

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