Every person in the world needs a assistant..helper especially business person need an expert who can understand business and notify whats going on. So that owners can make better decisions.   Every business owner may not afford hiring people.  So Me, you and every business owner need an economic assistant.  

What it does

     The MayaTheAwesome will communicate with the users via chat, voice and web.  She will be able to provide answers to every day questions, Able to send alerts , will track the progress on the projects, also she understands your business so that she can notify if any thing wrong.   

How I built it

  Using for NLP and speech processing.  Intuit API for getting answers about small business.  

Challenges I ran into

    Integration with Intuit authentication

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

    Training the AI model.  

What I learned

   Coding is not easy :-) 

What's next for Maya-TheAwesome

  Market research, Iphone App, better integration with intuit and lots of testing.   
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