Inspired by students who are struggling academically, and report Professors’ unwilling to assist them. Even when Professors are willing to assist, many don’t have the time due heavy student load & limited office hours. Many Professors, especially Adjuncts, are unhelpful and disorganized. Teaching Assistants are underpaid, overburden and don’t have the time or resources to assist.

What it does

Maya offers an intelligent, proactive support for students to ensure optimal performance.

How I built it

Built using Android Studio and IBM Watson.

Challenges I ran into

Developing with Android Studio was challenging with many instances of “scope creeping.” Training Watson, and figuring out how to use IBM Watson as a first-time users was also a challenge: tutorials for basic set-up are easy to follow and execute, however documentation for advanced features was more challenging to follow and execute.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Executing a constantly evolving idea using Android Studio and IBM Watson. Fine tuning the concept and working with a diverse team to execute an exciting in-demand idea.

What I learned

Diverse teams make the dream work.

What's next for Maya

Testing with various English accents, expanding Maya's tool set, e.g. screen readers, and exploring integration it with Students' Dashboards.

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