Cincinnati's a big city, let's fill it with homes

Cincinnati currently has a large homeless while property for sale is pricing out would-be buyers. This speculation harms all citizens of Cincinnati not showing the beauty and the vibrancy that Cincy has. Let's solve this issue by bringing communities together and getting them housed.

What it does

Maxland aims to give suggestions on what type of housing to place on the land in order to maximize residential use of the land. This will help encourage the developmental use of the land and get more people in homes. It displays the different types of homes with data points on the map, the value it has, and a suggested housing type improvement.

How we built it

Data: Foreclosure data, home value data, and neighboorhood data came from Cincinnati's Open Data Hub and Hamilton County auditor's office Data Science: Data Processing and development are done in Python library Pandas Hardware: Integration with Amazon Alexa under AWS Lambda for serverless cloud architecture Visualization: Map visualization was done in the Javascript library Leaflet.js, Javascript Backend: Backend was done in Firebase

Challenges we ran into

Data integrity: Many datapoints lacked full information and were not in easily accessible locations from the auditor's office, and Cincinnati's Data Hub Javascript coding: Many of us needed to learn or relearn Javascript and how to best code for it. Data integration and rendering: We needed a way to integrate asynchronous data and read files into Javascript and render the data to the map which consumed ample time to do so.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sourcing information from various government websites Data processing and extracting data from auditor's website and Cincinnati's Data Hub using Pandas Learning and improving on javascript skills Amazon Alexa integration Group working skills and project scoping

What we learned

Learned completely new languages: Node.js Javascript Learned completely new technologies: Amazon Alexa, Firebase, Leaflet.js, Amazon AWS, Amazon Lambda, Pandas Learned data processing and integration

What's next for Maxland

Integrate Amazon Alexa further into the data Find the size of land and learn more on how to integrate that information into best recommendations Bug and code improvement

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