In the past, we built a system using multiple applications and plugins in order to run many of our daily business functions. In the beginning, this worked fairly well. As we acquired more clients and hired more coaches, things began to break. But the real problem was that it became very difficult to troubleshoot where the problems came from.

We then started looking for a system that had the capability to store our data and run our automated operations while reducing (or eliminating) the numerous amount of programs, plugins and apps we relied on. That's why we chose Quick Base.

What it does

Our course management app helps our team to manage course registrations, client information and session records by eliminating the need for multiple programs and apps.

We designed it so that when we go into a client’s profile we are able to see everything about the client. For example, the child's parents, medical information, coach information, client notes, session records, and course information. This will be very helpful to our team it will help us save valuable time looking for information.

How I built it

We use a CRM program to manage our marketing campaigns. Then when the client registers for one of our programs their information is pushed into Quick Base table called New Registration via Zapier. Once the client information is in the new registration table, a pipeline is used to sort the specific information into the proper tables. The coaches or staff can then login to view the client information and the coaches can create session records all in the same program.

Challenges I ran into

There is definitely a learning curve with using Quick Base but I have been finding the system to be very powerful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy that we have a working app for my team to use. Although there will always be room for improvement, it far exceeds what we were using before.

What I learned

Not only have I learned to use Quick Base, but I also learned how to collaborate with my colleagues to make sure that the app we build meets their needs.

What's next for Maxi Mind Course Management

We plan on expanding on the current app to include payroll and scheduling. We also plan on building a new app for managing our team of coaches.

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