Our team shares the belief that money management in young families (couples that are early in their relationship) can be improved. Also, according to a US divorce study (held in 2012) - "financial arguments early in relationship may predict divorce" (

We believe that this issue can be addressed with a modern and easy-to-use app, that can help young couples / emerging families, together take care of future financial events. "TWOPLAN" tackles this problem with glance!

What it does

TWOPLAN is mobile app that is particularly designed for couples (people that plan or have a family) to make their shared financial planning easy, accessible and even delightful. Twoplan's innovative technology (based on Unicredit's API and IBM Bluemix) helps people predict their financial future and avoid negative financial events (make better financial decisions).

Target group

Millennials (25-35) that start planning their future together.


The current version of the TWOPLAN app is an MVP that allows couples to:

A) connect their bank accounts together and see the "shared account" data;

B) share current expenses and plan future goals (track the plan progress);

C) classify previous expenses in a "Tinder-like" way (with left-right swipes gestures), so that the app learns;

Planned features:

D) create shared budgets that make sense today and set you up for success tomorrow (together with an on-demand concierge service from the bank);

E) receive alerts for unusual or unwanted account changes, and get customized tips for saving money;

F) get a free credit score and learn how to improve it.

Benefits for the bank

1) Attraction of new clients: when 1 of 2 people is an existing Unicredit client

2) Lower risk profiles emerge: «families» as clients VS. «singles» as clients

3) Additional scoring opportunities (shared budget): improvement of individual credit scoring

How we built it

Using the Unicredit API + IBM Bluemix technology. Likewise with node.js, android, heroku, python. javascript and html5.

Challenges we ran into

The night was short :D But thanks for supplying us with energy!

What's next for Twoplan

Testing with the first pool of users to reach proof on concept!

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