Max my fitness dog was born out of the idea to develop something really awesome and unique for the new Android Wear Smartwatches. Everyone knows how big the trend of tamagotchi was in the past. We wanted to get it to the next level. We have the virtual pet on your wrist! You can have a real walk with your dog on your watch. He realize if you really walk outside and he will be happy about it. You can play a lot of mini games. This is the first game that can assist you and help to be happy the whole day! Your dog will require a lot of love and will give you a big smile every day. Pets are an important part of being happy and this app can give everyone the chance to have a virtual pet that really need to go for a walk, play games, search for treasure in real world, take care about your health.

We are very proud of the deep integration of technologies that no one ever used before in games for smartwatches! The game works great on all Android Wear so from the Motorola 360, to the LG, Samsung or Sonys. This is the most advanced innovation on smartwatches I saw on the market till now.

Our target group is every smartphone owner that love pets. Its a complete new twist on virtual pets.

The game already works perfectly and I can provide it to the judge. We will offically release it early Q1 2015 to everyone on the market for 0.99 USD.

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