When people don't leverage their company's gift matching opportunity to double or triple donations because they don't know or don't reach the max limit, that's a huge missed opportunity. With so many pressing issues around the world to address, now is no time to leave money on the table.

What it does

With Max Match, we can maximize the impact of our giving by connecting people whose companies match donations with people who want to leverage that match.

How we built it

This project was built using the MERN stack with back end interaction and testing via Postman. Stripe API was used for the payment.

Challenges we ran into

Having a grand vision of what to build with limited time. I wanted to implement a shopping cart but ran into a lot of errors can had to opt for donating straightforwardly via Donate button.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a full stack application from scratch!

What we learned

A lot about building a full stack application and security concerns, especially when we're dealing with money, from encrypting passwords in the database, to password protection, to enabling users to remember their session if they were in the middle of something.

What's next for Max Match

For the future, this would be integrated with nonprofits so that when user A gives money to user B to leverage company matching, user B must donate that amount to the nonprofit with the company match, the nonprofit receives the donation and match and algorithms auto-verify that the transaction happened, then the money user A gave is release to user B.

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