According to Nonprofit, 65 percent of Fortune 500 companies offer a matching program, and some companies even double, triple, or quadruple donations. At the same time, as many as 78% of match-eligible donors don’t know if their company offers a gift matching opportunity, according to cause-based nonprofit organization Next After. With individuals making up 70% of overall charitable giving in the best of times, therein lies an opportunity to increase company gift matching.

Additionally, on a more prosaic level, grassroots, online, and any type of activism requires money. However public-spirited protesters may be, they also need to eat, pay for electricity to email or have presence online, and use stamps and envelopes to send out publicity materials.

With everything that’s going on in the world, now is no time to leave money on the table. Hence this idea was born.

What it does

Max Match helps connect individuals who want to collectively maximize their donations in several ways:

  • Becoming aware about whether their company has a gift matching program they can leverage
  • Having the opportunity to use those extra dollars from their company to help causes
  • Giving access to this employee benefit for individuals without company matching programs

How I built it

I built this project using node.js and express.js. I also used mongodb to store user account information in the back end and stripe for the checkout.

Challenges I ran into

Setup is generally an initial hurdle, and after connecting our Github to Sashido's Cloud Code, I can bring up Cloud Code and view code from there, but when I click on button to Manage from Github, it'd give me a 404 page that the github doesn't exist. Generally changes to Github should reflect in Cloud Code, but I was driving blind in a sense because the link wasn't there. Because Sashido's support team wasn't available to answer questions over the weekend, I had to pivot on how to go about building this platform.

I started out with a team of three, and inevitably life happens. One person was on board to help, but dropped out after the first day because she had other commitments that did not allow for much continuous time to work on the project productively (and I thank her for being upfront!). Another person had to take out items for her college move and her family needed her to go out with them and run errands this weekend. And so there was one member left, myself. Being physically at a hackathon would've minimized outside distractions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned so many new technologies! Particularly, I learned about the beauty of not writing out the same code again and again and then having to manually go back to each page to make that one change..

What I learned

Learning to be a full-stack developer is the way to go so that the world is my oyster.

What's next for Max Match

This platform can:

  • be expanded to house campaigns for crowdsourcing donations for nontraditional "projects" like a new tire swing for the local neighborhood park
  • develop a more social component to serve as the go-to platform for forming and joining giving circles with people you know and trust
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