Have you ever wanted to integrate Infusionsoft with 3rd party software, only to find out the integration will cost you thousands of dollars and require months of development? Or even worse, you discover the 3rd party software doesn't have an API so there's no way for the 2 to pass information to each other?

Have no fear, there's still a solution, it's called Maven Email to CRM. This plug-in, recently dubbed, "The Connector King" by Infusionsoft's own Brett Farr, is so incredibly flexible, it gives Barbie a run for her money. Seriously though, from leads to sales transactions to online appointments, it does it all.

So how's it work? In the words of Nacho Libre, let's get down to the Nitty Gritty. Once you sign up for Maven Email to CRM you are able to create an unlimited number of accounts. Each account has a serialized email address tied to it. Configure your 3rd party software to send an email notification to the serialized email address we provide you and our software will extract data from the email and add/update contact records inside Infusionsoft. It also runs any action set your heart desires. Just remember to keep it EULA and CANN-SPAM Compliant.

Let's look at a few real life examples of processes your peers are automating:

  • Consultants and appointment based businesses are using this plug-in to integrate Online Appointment Schedulers like TimeTrade and Bookeo in order to tag and start or stop campaigns when appointments are scheduled.

  • Real Estate Agents who on a daily basis use to manually enter leads collected via non-Infusionsoft web forms from sources like RealtyNow.com, Realtor.com, Zillow.com (and many others) have streamlined the process so that as soon the lead comes in to their inbox, the contact has already been entered into Infusionsoft, segmented, and follow-ed up with appropriately.

  • Online retailers using robust e-Commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or other carts, are now adding contact data immediately to Infusionsoft at the time the transaction occurs in the other platform. They even have the ability to adjust the fulfillment and follow-up so that it's unique for each transaction depending on the product(s) purchased.

  • There are far too many examples of how Infusionsoft users are leveraging this plug-in to automate manual data entry. We can't possibly cover all of them in this short video. But, if your system has the ability to send an email, chances are, Maven Email to CRM can integrate it with Infusionsoft.

You might think such a robust plug-in might be difficult to set up. Nope. Configuration is a breeze. Simply define the beginning and ending extraction points of the data you wish to capture from the email, choose the Infusionsoft field you wish to map the data to and select the Infusionsoft action set you wish to run.

Let me answer the 3 most common questions we hear from Infusionsoft users right before they sign up for this service:

Yes, this works on both plain text and html emails. Yes, you can view a history of processed emails. Yes, you can forward an email notification sent to our system on to an email address of your choosing.

Remember, when API is not an option, turn to Maven Email to CRM.

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