The idea for Mauve was inspired by our experiences navigating the tech industry as women of color. The desire to find people who are going through similar experiences is universal, but especially for WOC (Women of Color) it is imperative. This platform is meant to connect women who are entering the beginning of their careers, women who are either looking for a job and want support from other women who are going through similar things or who are juniors and looking for other juniors.

What it does

Mauve is a platform where women can look for pair programming partners and near-peer mentorship in their area. Pair programming has been proven to be a way to retain women in the tech industry, and mentorship is important to keep each other motivated. Women can post about looking for women to do pair programming projects or for mentorship opportunities.

How we built it

We built the app using React for the front end, and Python for the backend using FastAPI as a web framework and OpenAPI for the API visualization.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into were connecting the backend to the frontend. Half of our team was knowledgable in Python and half of our team wasn't. We overcame our challenges by communicating with each other and asking for help from the mentors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For one we are very proud to have built a full-stack application! Angel is proud to have written a rest API for the first time and a data model. Lucy is proud to have created a PWA for a hackathon. Thanh is proud of actually deploying an app on Heroku and connecting to a MongoDB database cleanly.

What I learned

For Angel, they learned FastAPI and MongoDB. For Thanh, they learned more about DevOps and configuring files, and working together on a team. For Lucy, they learned more about FastAPI, she had never heard about it before

What's next for Mauve

Next up for Mauve is working on connecting the front end to the back end. We also want to continue developing the platform because we feel that it's a platform that can really impact women's lives and relieve some of the anxiety that comes with being a women in tech.

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