Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world which has around 18,110 islands. With so many islands in Indonesia, the gap in the quality of education is quite visible in areas far from the capital, this greatly affects people who want to achieve their dream job since childhood because the materials tested in the job entrance exam are very different from what they learn in school, especially if the school is far from the capital. With this current issue, we are inspired to give everyone the same opportunity to reach their dream job by learning directly from experienced people and providing them easy access to lots of learning resources to prepare for their future dream job.

💻What it does

The aim of MauKerja is to provide top quality education and guidance along with the job opportunities. It is a web application where students can get Job/Internship opportunities and can learn and prepare through free Resources. We also provide mentorship facilities where experienced folk can become Mentors and guide others in achieving their goals. You can also host Events like Hackathons, workshops , seminars.

⚙How we built it

We used React.js with some styled-components for the front-end UI and our most beloved node.js to run it on the front-end server. For the back-end, we are using the most stable node-express framework server with nest.js, then connecting it to MongoDB as our database to store some data, and finally, we use Prisma as our ORM.

😵Challenges we ran into

Building a full web application in 48 hours with just 2 people can be very overwhelming, intense communication to work on the app is the key for us to complete this submission

🥇Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our social good on education concept and a great team consisting only of 2 people working on the UI, styling, concept, design, backend servers, database, etc. We are honestly hoping that anyone can reach their dream job by using this web application.

👩‍💻What we learned

It was a great learning experience for both of us, it was the first time one of us was introduced to Nest.js and typeScript. We built our frontend with typeScript only, so got a lot of errors but I quickly got the hang of it. We also learnt to use Gihub efficiently and its our first time making a detailed Readme file for our users.

🚀 What's next for MauKerja

We are planning to add a lot of features to the application to make it useful for students as well as mentors :-

  • Improving the UI :- As the application is built within a span of 2 days, we would focus in improving its UI and making it more user-friendly
  • Adding more free resources :- We are adding a lot more resources like Development Roadmaps, Interview Preparation Resources, Data Structures and Algorithms CheatSheets, Open Source Contributions etc. One of our aim is to provide free high quality education to fellows, so that they can get learning resources as well as career opportunities on the same platform.
  • Improving Events Facilities :- Events are essential for students as it improves their technical, behavioural and communication skills. Through MauKerja, one can attend any event and can also host an event. The event may be a hackathon, workshop or a seminar. We would like to add video conference like features and chat boxes through whichfolks attending an event can interact on the application only
  • Chat Box for Mentors :- We will add a chat box for each mentor so that any mentee who's interested in being guded can interact directly to them.
  • Integrating Payment Methods :- As we are allowing Mentors to give private/group lessons to the students, we'll make sure that they can make some side earnings too. We will add payments methods in the guidance section and would keep in check if they are charging high😄

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